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4 Reasons for Clutter M.E.S.S.

M.E.S.S. stands for the following categories of possible problems. M echanical -  Examples:  You have intended to store something in a particular drawer, but because the drawer is broken or "sticky" so it won't open and close properly, you feel it's a hassle and don't bother. The door sticks on the intended closet or cabinet, so you set it nearby saying, "just for now...", which seems to turn into never... The shelf it goes on is warped, etc. E motional - This topic is simply too complicated to be addressed here in a single post, but go to FAQs for a brief introduction, and future posts will explore various emotional issues on a more detailed level. This topic is very real, and serious. Emotional and psychological factors that result in cluttering or hoarding behaviors may be destroying someone's life, relationships, finances, etc.  Occasionally someone voices to me--maybe jokingly, maybe sheepishly or even a little fearfully--the question of bei