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Project BEFORE / AFTER photos

 Project "Cute Rules" -  These before/after images are from a sewing/craft room and an office in a home that is sneakily cluttered. This home is beautifully kept, tastefully decorated, and delightfully welcoming because the client is a master of creating memorable moments with friends and guests.  The "sneaky" part is that the cluttered state is behind closed doors in cabinets, closets and drawers.  These drawers represent about 4 hours of work (there were some other cabinets that also got a makeover during the same session), and the client made a considerable of sacrifice in letting go of things--difficult decisions. I was/am terrifically proud of her! She stated that she probably avoided using the sewing room a lot because it was just overwhelming trying to find the necessary tools for projects.  Getting it in order makes it a real joy to work on projects now! The contents of this drawer were a "repeat collection" of things that had already been sorted