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6-Step EECDID Decluttering Process

 What in the heck does EECDID stand for?!?!  Glad you asked! E vacuate  E liminate C onsolidate D esignate I n a Crate D efend the State  EECDID (pronounced "EEK did") is my own goofy acronym for the decluttering and organizing process. I'm posting it here for you just in case you: Don't have access to a professional organizer Haven't yet read a bunch of books on the topic, and want to try to go it alone ;   Have read some books about how to declutter but haven't yet put any of it into practice;  Bought the book but haven't gotten around to reading it, and it's sitting on a cluttered shelf... Are just curious Let's start with planning for a decluttering session.  When someone works with me, I request a minimum  2-hour session, preferably 4.  But my very presence with the client is what may make it possible for her to make it through that period.  When tackling it on your own, a 15-minute session, or maybe up to 1 hour, may be the maximum you can