Project BEFORE / AFTER photos

 Project "Cute Rules" - 

These before/after images are from a sewing/craft room and an office in a home that is sneakily cluttered. This home is beautifully kept, tastefully decorated, and delightfully welcoming because the client is a master of creating memorable moments with friends and guests.  The "sneaky" part is that the cluttered state is behind closed doors in cabinets, closets and drawers. 

These drawers represent about 4 hours of work (there were some other cabinets that also got a makeover during the same session), and the client made a considerable of sacrifice in letting go of things--difficult decisions. I was/am terrifically proud of her! She stated that she probably avoided using the sewing room a lot because it was just overwhelming trying to find the necessary tools for projects.  Getting it in order makes it a real joy to work on projects now!

The contents of this drawer were a "repeat collection" of things that had already been sorted and organized from other storage areas, and are now stored in another cupboard. So we sorted through these to consolidate /add them to like items in the other space.  











The closet below was a mix of office supplies, art supplies, planned projects, and the general catchall that just...happens.  Y'all know what I'm talking about, don't you?

We had several goals here, and mission accomplished:

  • Pare out non-office or craft related items and, of course, organize the keepers
  • Sort and empty the laundry basket contents seen on the floor (the remaining basket still visible there is waiting for an adult child to decide what, if any, of the contents she wants to retain, and then that basket will go bye-bye...👋😊)
  • Consolidate stationery from various rooms in the home, to be stored here
  • Make room to store media from the 2nd floor (in bins on the floor in after picture)  
This project represents about 11 hours total, including the time it took to sort all the stationery (2nd shelf bins).  The intent is to purchase NEW, larger bins that will allow the stationery to be in lidded containers.


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