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Moving Cross Country, Part 1 -- Painfully Good!

  In October 2022, my husband and I moved to Yulee, Florida , from a home we'd lived in for 32 years , and a community we'd been in for 41+  --  needless to say, a challenging move in many ways.  Yulee is a wonderful, quiet little community, northeast of Jacksonville, FL , and near  Fernandina Beach, FL , snugged up right next to the Georgia border.  We're still getting acquainted with this lovely place, looking forward to the experience and to building and adding to our network, with NEW friends here!   West Richland home of 32 years The process of packing the home, hauling it by rental truck to Florida, and unpacking it, made both of us painfully aware of the volume of our belongings, even though we were able to move the entire contents of our home interior, the garage, and a 16'x20' shed in a 16' truck. We have determined to declutter and downsize even further, regardless of how long we remain in ou r new home.  Others looked at what we were moving